Our Ingredients A to Z

ArganArgan Oil – It is rich in vitamin E, and thus has potent anti-oxidant properties. This is further enhanced by the presence of carotenoids, such as xanthophylls, which help protect against environmental damage. Argan Oil also contains ferulic acid, a unique anti-oxidant which is believed to help protect against UV damage. Argan Oil contains natural squalene, which is similar to the skin’s sebum and promotes cell regeneration, making the oil excellent for mature and damaged skin. It contains 7 essential fatty acids, particularly oleic and linoleic.

Avocado OilAvocado Oil – This rich and very nutritious oil is especially useful when it comes to treat dry, sensitive, eczema prone and mature skin by encouraging skin cell regeneration and healing. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, D and E.
avocado butterAvocado Butter – extremely deep penetrating oil, rich in vitamins A, B1 & B2, D & E, lecithin, proteins, as well as potassium and more than 20% essential unsaturated fatty acids. The fatty acids contained are palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic. It can relieve the extreme dryness and itching of skin, eczema and psoriasis. The sterolins found in avocado butter can reduce blemishes, helps to heal skin burns and wounds faster.
ArnicaArnica Extract – Arnica is a herb from the Asteracea botanical family (part of the same family as the sunflower) with orange-yellow daisy-like flowers heads. It is commonly found in the northern hemisphere and the dried flower heads have long been used as an astringent and to treat skin disorders. With Anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.
Almond oilAlmond oil – Works well with all skin types. It has nourishing, soothing and rejuvenating properties. It also has anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory effects.
Apricot Kernel oilApricot Kernel oil – Especially helpful in treating mature and sensitive skin. It has soothing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Acai berry Acai Berry Extract – very powerful antioxidant, content of anthocyanins has been reported to be 30 times higher than that of red wine grapes. The acai berry boasts the highest per unite value of antioxidant power of any edible fruit in the world. It also contains vitamins B, C and E and trace minerals. Thus it is perfect for mature skin, helping restore elasticity and protecting against free radical damage.
Apple Seed OilApple Seed Oil – Apple Seed Oil is a luxurious oil containing palmitic, linoleic, alpha-linoleic and oleic acids, which aid moisture retention and help soften, protect, hydrate and nourish the skin. It also contains vitamins A and C and a high concentration of sulphur, used for centuries to treat acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Your body requires sulfur to manufacture collagen, which keeps your skin elastic and young looking.
Apricot seeds powderApricot seeds powder – exfoliating properties

BaobabBaobab Seed Oil – It is rich in Oleic, Linoleic and Linolenic acids, which help enhance absorption of the oil and maintenance of the cells’ elasticity. It also promotes cell regeneration, making it ideal for irritated skin. It has excellent moisturizing benefits and can help soften dry and chapped skin. It also contains vitamins A, D, E and F.

Burdock Root ExtractBurdock Root Extract – is helpful in treating skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and acne. It is believed to keep the immune system from damaging the skin as it does in these conditions. Because burdock is rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols it is good for the skin and hair.
Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Sorbic acidBenzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Sorbic acid – Mixture of naturally occurring salts, which can be used as a natural preservative system in skin care products. Preservative system wildly accepted by all Eco organisations.

ChamomileChamomile Essential Oil – very effective in treating allergic skin, on the skin it is a miracle worker and calms red, dry and irritated skin, as well as calming allergies, eczema, psoriasis and all other flaky skin problems. It is high in -(-a)-bisabolol which promotes granulation (healing) and is also a great tissue regenerator.

Chickweed Chickweed Extract – soothes dry and sensitive skin. It relieves itchiness and redness associated with skin irritations and also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it excellent for easing aches and pains.
ChamomileChamomile Extract -soothe and calm irritated skin, lends anti-inflammatory properties
CalendulaCalendula Extract – Soothe and calm irritated skin
Coconut oilCoconut oil – Rich source of vitamin D. It has protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Well known for its softening and soothing effect on the skin.
Coconut ButterCoconut Butter – Studies on individuals with dry skin show that coconut oil can improve the moisture and lipid content of the skin. It is reach in fatty acids which help to reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barrier and lock moisture in the skin, promoting hydration.
Castor oilCastor oil – This heavy oil provides a protective barrier, especially needed for the dry skin type with many kinds of problems. It has soothing, cleansing, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
Comfrey extract Comfrey extract – Plants like comfrey, which have high carbohydrate content, are considered to rejuvenate the skin and to have healing, soothing and moisture retaining properties. They are good for rough, damaged skin and can, with time, alleviate wrinkling and enable skin tissue to regain its youthful elasticity. The tannins and rosmarinic acid have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Comfrey is mainly used externally to treat inflammation and to stimulate wound and bone fracture healing. Comfrey is a special beauty herb due to the high content of the phytochemical allantoin, which promotes skin cell regeneration, stimulates the growth of new cells and helps sensitive skin to become more resilient, counteracting dryness and cracking.
Clary Sage essential oilClary Sage essential oil – It works well with all skin types, balances and adjusts production of sebum. It is especially helpful to those suffering from depression, stress and insomnia. It has been used to treat women’s problems like painful periods, irregular menstruation and during labour. During menopause, this oil is believed to reduce hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, as well as headaches and dizziness.
Calendula infusion oilCalendula infusion oil – Our calendula, infused in cold pressed sunflower oil, has soothing and healing properties, especially useful in the eczema treatment. It’s also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
Carrot Seed Essential OilCarrot Seed Essential Oil -It has a nearly magical rejuvenating effect on the skin, to not only soften and smooth the skin, but to assist with cell growth and skin rejuvenation. It visibly improves skin tone, elasticity, and general skin health. It is claimed to slow the progression of visible wrinkles. Carrot Seed Oil is calming and appropriate for irritated skin. It is a good, essential oil for anyone who spends time outdoors. Carrot seed oil has high activity antioxidant properties.
Cranberry powderCranberry powder – has anti-microbial/bacterial properties.
Co-enzyme Q10Co-enzyme Q-10 – one of the most powerful antioxidants available. A sought-after ingredient in the skincare industry, Co-enzyme Q-10 shields skin from free-radical damage, and boosts cell regeneration and growth.
Cocoa Seed ButterCocoa Seed Butter (organic, unrefined) – Cocoa Butter is solid at room temperature but melts easily when in contact with the skin. It helps retain moisture and is excellent for dry skin. It reduces skin cell degeneration and helps restore skin flexibility and is thus beneficial to the prevention of stretch marks. Cocoa Butter contains polyphenols and vitamin E, which exhibit anti-oxidant properties, and is thus ideal for mature skin.
Citric AcidCitric Acid – Naturally occurring acid, used in skin care to regulate pH
Cetearyl AlcoholCetearyl Alcohol – is a mixture of cetyl and stearyl alcohols that comes in our case from vegetable sources. It is used to stabilise emulsions.

DecylglucosideDecylglucoside – It is a very mild non-ionic surfactant used in cosmetic formularies including baby shampoo and in products for individuals with a sensitive skin.


Evening-PrimroseEvening Primrose oil – It works very well on the mature skin. It has anti-wrinkles properties, encourages skin cell regeneration. Rich in omega-6.


Fuller’s EarthFuller’s Earth – Fuller’s Earth is beneficial for people having oily skin. Fuller’s Earth absorbs extra oil from the skin and prevents occurrence of pimples and acne. Oily skin makes the face look dull. The oil accumulates a lot of dirt in the pores and cells. Fuller’s Earth removes the oil, dirt and dust from the skin pores and cells. This is one of the most important benefits of Fuller’s Earth for oily type of skin.

Frankincense essential oilFrankincense essential oil – help rejuvenate mature and pre-ageing skin, help with general skin tone and condition while reducing oily skin, while at the same time helping wounds, ulcers and sores heal better.

GinsengGINSENG (Panax Ginseng) Extract – rich source of ginsenosides which help stimulate the microcirculation of the skin and angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels), both of which are essential for wound healing and reduction of scar formation. Ginsenosides have also been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis, helping to improve the skins’ tone and elasticity.

gotu-kolaGOTU KOLA (Centellaasiatica) Extract – contains vitamins A, B, E and K, and magnesium. It is also a source of glycosides, which help increase the blood supply to the skin and thus exhibiting wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities. Glycosides also enhance collagen synthesis, aiding restoration of the skins’ elasticity and allowing healing of scar tissue.
GinkgoGINKGO (Ginkgo biloba) Extract – increases micro-circulation of the blood, improves sebaceous secretions and activates cell metabolism. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties. Ginkgo contains flavonoids which aid the synthesis of collagen and other connective tissue.
Geranium essential oilGeranium essential oil – This oil has many amazing properties. It is known to have ability to soothe burns, cuts and sore patches, reduce bruising, improve blood circulation and help to balance over/underproduction of the sebum. It has a balancing and soothing effect on the body and mind.
grapefruitGrapefruit essential oil – Especially good for oily skin types, stimulates lymphatic drainage and removal of the accumulated toxins, unclogs congested skin pores. It has an uplifting and anti-stress effect.
Grapeseed oilGrapeseed oil– This not greasy and silky oil works especially well with the oily skin type, prone to acne, it refines pores, firms and nourishes. Rich source of omega-6 and vitamin E. Very good in treating damaged, tired and stressed looking skin.
Goji berryGoji Berry Extract – A rich source of antioxidants, it has great anti-aging benefits. Goji berries are perhaps one of the richest sources of vitamins and other nutrients. They contain over 18 different amino acids and vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C and E. The goji berry contains more Beta carotene than carrots and is perhaps one the best sources of vitamin C. They can even out the skin’s texture and protect the skin from external damage such as harmful UV rays.
Green clayGreen clay – Green clay has absorbent properties and when used as a facial mask, it draws out impurities and toxins from the skin. It also means that for the first times you will use the mask on your face, you can in some cases see the spots becoming more visible and bigger. This is happening because of the absorbing action of the clay on your skin. It is cleaning your skin and will keep pushing out the impurities as long as you keep using it. Use our mask regularly and you will end up with a skin clear of spots and imperfections.
Glycerin VegetableGlycerin Vegetable – it helps the skin attract and retain moisture
GlucosamineGlucosamine (N-acetyl Glucosamine) – Glucosamine is also a natural component of the skin’s composition. One of the big purported benefits of glucosamine for the skin is that it can help in the reduction of wrinkles. It can also help to treat hyperpigmentation. Glucosamine also seems to support wound healing and has value as a moisturiser since it is made up of mucopolysaccharides, long chains of amino sugars found in the body’s tissues.

Hemp seedHemp Seed Oil – Works very well on the skin with many kinds of problems, it has soothing, restorative, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. High in Omegas 3, 6 & 9. Also rich in vitamins A, B1, 2 3 & 6, C, D & E. Quickly absorbed, it assists in preventing moisture loss from the skin and may help alleviate skin complaints. Perfect for dry, damaged, irritated or mature skin.

Hazelnut OilHazelnut oil– This oil with astringent properties is especially good for oily skin types, prone to acne. It has toning, rebalancing and soothing properties.
HyaluronicAcidHyaluronic Acid – It is the most efficient humectant that can attract from 600-1000 times its own weight in water so it plumps up the skin and gives it volume. Its hydrating properties result in increased skin smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles. Its rejuvenating properties result in increased skin smoothness and softness. It also protects the cell structure and defending against external threats and bacterial infections.

Jojoba oilJojoba oil– This luxurious oil remains a special treat. Especially good for treating oily skin and soothing sensitive skin. Well known for treating acne. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and conditioning properties, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Juniper berryJuniper Berry Essential Oil – Juniper oil is extracted from dried, crushed or slightly dried ripe fruit by steam distillation. Juniper oil is very effective for oily skin and acne, also eczema, psoriasis and alleviates inflammation.
Jojoba WaxJojoba Wax – A wonderful alternative to beeswax and artificial thickeners, jojoba wax is naturally derived and packed with beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – much like jojoba oil – in a solid form. Due to its naturally occurring antioxidants, jojoba has been known to extend the shelf life of cosmetics, whilst carrying over their nutritional benefits for the skin. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable and gentle wax, making it not only an excellent cosmetic ingredient for skin care, but can be used on sensitive, mature and problem skin guilt-free. Jojoba oil contains vitamin E, B-complex vitamins and the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc, making it incredibly nourishing and beneficial for all skin types.

Kukui Nut Butter
Kukui Nut Butter – It has a high linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid content, which helps retain moisture and restore the skins’ softness and elasticity. It also contains vitamins A, C & E, to provide anti-oxidant benefits, making it perfect for mature and dry skin types. It is suitable for sensitive skin and also for irritated and damaged skin.

Kalahari MelonKalahari Melon Seed Oil – high in Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, also vitamins A, B & C. Melon Seed oil is easily absorbed, non-greasy and non-comedogenic. It helps restore the skin’s elasticity and can help dissolve excess sebum, excellent for dry, oily, acne-prone or mature skin.

LavenderLavender Extract – soothe and calm irritated skin.

Lavender Essential OilLavender Essential Oil – Lavender oil is extracted from the flowering tops by steam distillation. It is considered as a one of the safest essential oils. The soothing and anti-inflammatory action of lavender oil will have a balancing action on the skin, very effective in treating acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.
Lime essential oilLime essential oil – Especially good for the oily skin type, it reduces oiliness and acne, have astringent and antiseptic properties and helps to clear congested pores.It is said to be also helpful for arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation, as well as for cellulite. It has refreshing and uplifting effects. Our pure lime oil is obtained by the cold expression, therefore can cause photosensitivity. Please avoid direct exposure to the sunlight after product application.
Licorice Root PowderLicorice Root Powder – In medicine used for eczema, psoriasis and skin lightening. Contain ‘licochalcone’ an oil controlling agent therefore is good for those people who have oily or acne prone skin.

Mango PowderMango Powder – Mango Powder protects and moisturizes with naturally occurring carotenoids. Modern analysis has shown it to be rich in vitamins, carotenoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, and mangiferins which protect skin from UV radiation.


Neroli Essential OilNeroli Essential Oil -help to regenerate skin cells, promote a smoother skin, fighting stretch marks and broken capillaries, but also prevents ugly scarring. Its action of stimulating cell growth and cellular activity helps it to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.


Olive LeafOLIVE LEAF (Oleaeuropaea) Extract – contains flavonoids which stimulate collagen synthesis. This helps improve skin tone and protects against free radicals produced by external stimuli such as UV rays. It also contains oleuropein, a polyphenolic fraction derived from the fruit, leaves, bark and roots of the olive tree. This exhibits anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

Sweet orange essential oilSweet orange essential oil – It stimulates lymphatic drainage and removal of the accumulated toxins, promotes collagen formation, making skin firmer. It has cheering and uplifting effects.
OrchidOrchid Complex – The fusion of carefully cultivated Cymbidium Orchids in a naturally-derived emollient base. Offers excellent spreadability and confers a conditioned after-feel to the skin. Light and non-greasy. The Orchid flower has regenerative, protective and moisturising properties. Helps fight free radicals and may help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Rich in minerals found naturally in the skin, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper.
Olive SqualaneOlive Squalane – Well known as Nature’s Facelift, Olive Squalane is a botanical lipid obtained from Olives that mirrors human lipids in molecular structure and weight. Olive Squalane is absolutely essential oil for the skin, especially when a regenerative effect is desired. The skin has sufficient levels when it’s young, and healthy. As we age the levels drop considerably and by the time we’re in our mid-thirties, and forties, we no longer have sufficient levels to maintain healthy skin. It can help to replenish the natural levels lost through the normal aging process, contributing regenerative activity to restore a more youthful appearance, and resistance to inflammatory conditions.
Olivem 1000Olivem 1000 – is a PEG-free non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier developed from natural olive chemistry. It is an emulsifier and thickener which is compatible with a wide variety of cosmetic and active ingredients over a wide pH range (3 to 12). Safe and clinically tested to be hypoallergenic, it provides creams with an excellent spreadability with no soapy effect.

Peach KernelPeach Kernel – Especially good for dry, mature and very sensitive skin type. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle properties. Rich content of vitamins A and E enable this oil to stimulate skin to rejuvenate and regenerate.

Pomegranate Seed OilPomegranate Seed Oil – It is rich in punicic acid, ellagic acid and tocopherols, which help promote collagen synthesis, thus improving the skins’ elasticity, strengthening and repairing the epidermis, making it ideal for mature and dry skin.
Pomegranate Extract PowderPomegranate Extract Powder – Similar to pomegranate oil, it is rich in punicic acid, ellagic acid and tocopherols, which help promote collagen synthesis, thus improving the skins’ elasticity, strengthening and repairing the epidermis. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve pain and swelling.
PetitgrainPetitgrain Essential Oil – Petitgrain oil is extracted from the fresh leaves, small twigs by steam distillation. This antiseptic oil is very useful to help clear up greasy skin and to release the congestion of such a skin, while at the same time helping to clear up acne, pimples and other skin blemishes.
Patchouli Essential OilPatchouli Essential Oil – Patchouli oil is extracted from the young leaves which are dried and fermented prior to steam distillation. On the skin, this oil is one of the most active and is a superb tissue regenerator, helps rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the formation of new skin cells, while fighting infections, is effective for acne, eczema, weeping sores, ulcers and slow healing wounds. It not only promotes faster healing, but also helps to prevent ugly scarring when the wound heals.
pink CLayPink Clay – Pink Clay is mostly used for dry or sensitive skin. French Pink Clay is a combination of red and white clays. It is considered to be the mildest of all the clays and works well for normal, sensitive and mature skin types. Its unique composition includes Kaolinite, Iron, Illite, Montmorillonite and Calcite. Benefits: French Pink Clay can be used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells and create and overall refreshed appearance.

Rose-geranium Essential OilRose-geranium Essential Oil – has a number of benefits for clear, glowing skin, suitable for any skin type. Known for its astringent and anti-bacterial/microbial benefits, when applied in skin care geranium helps heal and clear acne and overly oily skin while still promoting new skin cells for normal and dry skin. The result is clear, perfectly balanced and glowing skin.

rose hipRose hip Oil – Rose hip Seed Oil is perfect for oily, sensitive and mature skin, as well as skin irritations and skin damaged by UV or radiation. Rosehip Seed Oil is the only vegetable Oil which contains natural Retinoic acid (Vitamin A acid), which aids cell regeneration. This makes it valuable in helping soothe skin irritations and damaged or scarred skin. Rosehip Seed Oil is also rich in gamma Linoleic and Linolenic acids (Vitamin F), which help reduce pore size.
Rose ExtractRose Extract – is toning, astringent and also helps reduce inflammation.
Rosemary Herb EssenceRosemary essential oil – It is very popular compound found in anti-ageing products, since it contains naturally powerful antioxidants, which inhibits the activity of free radicals and slow down the effects of ageing. It has powerful regenerating, rejuvenating and stimulating properties. It helps to naturally correct age spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tone and tighten loose skin, making it look firmer and more elastic. It’s having refreshing and stimulating effect on the body and mind.
Rosewood essential oilRosewood essential oil – It is suitable for all the skin types but works especially well on the mature and sensitive one. It is known to have soothing, regenerative and rejuvenating properties. Targets and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It has soothing, uplifting and steadying effect on body and mind.

Strawberry SeedsStrawberry Seed Oil – contains a high level of gamma-Tocopherol, providing anti-oxidant benefits. It is also high in vitamins A & C, making it ideal for mature skin. Strawberry Seed Oil also contains Alpha Linolenic Acid, helping repair the skins natural moisture barrier and making the skin soft and smooth. Thus, it is perfect for dry and damaged skin types. Strawberry Seed Oil contains various phytonutrients and essential minerals, as well as tannic acid and folic acid. Tannic Acid has astringent and anti-bacterial properties and is good for irritated skin.

StrawberryStrawberry Seeds – Exfoliating properties
Sea BuckthornSea Buckthorn Oil- Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil contains vitamins A, B, E and K, phytosterols, carotenoids and flavonoids. It is also one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, making it perfect for mature skin. It also helps stimulate tissue regeneration and is thus ideal for mature and damaged skin. Sea Buckthorn Oil also contains alpha linolenic acid and linolenic acid, providing moisture retaining properties and making it beneficial for irritated skin. Sea Buckthorn oil is said to have proven effective in the treatment of skin conditions including burns, skin ulcers, cancer, acne and dermatitis of various forms.
Shea butterShea butter(organic, unrefined)– reduces the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks, and eases a variety of skin irritations, such as psoriasis, eczema and sunburn. The healing qualities of Shea butter are due to the presence of several fatty acids and plant sterols, namely oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids. Shea butter contains vitamins A and E, as well as catechins, plant antioxidants also found in green tea.
Sesame OilSesame Oil – The fatty acids contained in the oil, such as oleic, palmitic, stearic and linoleic acid, are effective moisturizers that keep skin supple and soft. It is also very high in vitamins A and E, which are effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, sesame oil contains antioxidants and sesamol, which counteract free radicals — a primary cause of aging.
Sodium LactateSodium Lactate -it is one of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) constituent of skin, required in the maintenance of natural hydration. Sodium Lactate is a superior moisturizer, increasing the moisture content of skin by up to 84%. When compared to other commonly used moisturizers, it’s water holding capacity is second only to Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)
Soya LecithinSoya Lecithin -It helps to soften and moisturize the skin. Alters the skin structure, allowing other substances to penetrate deeper. Soya lecithin helps emulsify oil and water products, making formulas more stable. It helps to repair free radical damage, soothing inflamed, irritated skin. It attracts water to the skin, working to prevent moisture loss from deep within the skin tissues. It is very moisturizing, which is due to its high levels of Oleic and Linoleic Acid.

TamanuTamanu Oil – Contains a unique fatty acid called Calophyllic acid, which is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and stimulates wound healing. It has been used historically to treat Leprosy and is excellent for acne, psoriasis and other skin irritations and infections. It also contains a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory agent called Calophyllolide, which is a potent pain-reliever and, together with stigmasterols also present in the oil, helps reduce inflammation.

Green TeaWhite Tea, Green Tea and Red Tea Leafs Extracts – Contain high levels of polyphenolic compounds called catechins, which are potent anti-oxidants and help reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Tea extracts also possess anti-inflammatory properties, making this extracts particularly good for irritated skin types.

Vitamin EVitamin E(Naturally Derived Tocopherols)- very hydrating, works well with all the skin types, helps to reduce acne scars. As a powerful antioxidant, it minimises damage caused by the sun and environment.

Vitamin AVitamin A (RetinylPalmitate)- nourishes the skin, counteracts inflammations and protects cell membranes and other structures within the cells from the damage caused by free radicals and in this way helps to prevent skin disorders.
Vitamin CVitamin C (Sodium AscorbylPhosphate) – Protect skin cells and skin’s support structure from UV-related damage, Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, Strengthen skin’s barrier response, Reduce inflammation, Promote collagen production
Vitamin B5Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) – It is used to strengthen fingernails and smooth the skin, offering plumping and moisturizing benefits that penetrate the upper layer of the skin’s surface. Containing healing properties, it is effective in soothing and moisturizing dry skin and healing cracked skin. Panthenol helps the skin and other body tissues maintain optimal health and promotes healing of tissues as well as taking part in metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, leading to healthier tissues, cells and organs
Vitamin-B-ComplexVitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – Also known as nicotinic acid, niacinamide is a potent cell-communicating ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging skin. Assuming skin is being protected from sun exposure, niacinamide can improve skin’s elasticity, dramatically enhance its barrier function, help erase discolorations, and revive skin’s healthy tone and texture.

Wheatgerm oilWheatgerm oil – Suitable for very dry, flaky skin. It has soothing, hydrating, anti-aging and regenerative properties. Rich sources of vitamins A, C and especially vitamin E.

White ClayWhite Clay – It is the mildest of all clays, making it the perfect treatment for those with sensitive and dry skin. It helps stimulate circulation to the skin, while gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin. It is a wonderful pore refining treatment. It does not draw oils from the skin, making it an excellent treatment for those with dry skin. It is a natural mineral boosting and anti-aging treatment.
Witch Hazel extractWitch Hazel extract – Witch hazel’s main active constituents are: tannins (up to 10%) and volatile oils. These constituents contribute to the strong astringent effect of witch hazel. Also contains saponins and glycosides. As well as being astringent, it is anti-inflammatory, making it useful in treating oily or large-pored skin or minor pimples. Its high tannin content has a strengthening astringent effect on veins and is therefore very useful for treating varicose veins and minor capillary problems. The external skin forms a protective covering after the tannins have tightened the proteins and underlying blood vessels, thus reducing inflammation.

Ylang Ylang OilYlang-Ylang essential oil – It works especially well on the mature skin type. It balances secretion of the sebum. In the world of aromatherapy is considered to be the one of the best at relaxing mind and the body. It is used to relieve stress, depression and anxiety.