Our Ingredients Policies

We believe that creating a great product should always begin with safest, 100% natural, organic and high quality ingredients. If any ingredients are questionable or controversial in the eyes of science we simply avoid them. We also want you as a loyal customer to understand our products well, therefore we encourage our customers to read carefully ingredient list before purchasing the product.

Kris D’Amour Ingredient Policy is based on five simple rules:
  • We never test our products or use ingredients which were tested on animals.
  • We never use ingredients derived directly from animals therefore our products are always suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • We only use preservatives when they are necessary for the consumer and product safety. Our none water based products are preservative free. In the case of water containing products we preserve them with the safe, Eco-Preservative systems which combines natural salts commonly used in the food industry.
  • We use only mineral sunscreens in our products. They don’t absorb into the skin and don’t interact chemically in human skin cells, rather effectively reflect sun’s UVA and UVB rays acting like a million invisible particles of mirror on the skin. We believe that natural sunscreen protection system is much safer, especially for individuals with very sensitive skin.
  • We combine power of at least 10 active ingredients in every product in the aim to achieve the best possible end result. We also use unique combinations of luxurious oils appropriate for different skin types and skin conditions. By doing so we can effectively target and treat different skin problems.