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We are very proud to say that our 100% natural skin care products have been already featured in top beauty blogs and highly recommended by beauty specialists!
October 2014
1. Number one Cleansing Balm on the market, click here

June 2014

  1. Another very comprehensive review of Soothing Body Butter and Intensive Soothing Facial Oil, produced by talented Eco beauty specialist Erin, click here 2. “Rainy Summer Edition” why to use Balancing Facial Treatment Oil?, click here 3. Balancing Facial Oil, Soothing Body Butter and Soothing Body Oil, great review by Raquel, click here
May 2014
1. Do you have problems with Insomnia or Stress? Then this review is definitely for you: anti-insomnia room spray and fragrance oils, they really work magic, click here 2. Fantastic review of Intensive Soothing Facial Treatment and Balancing Facial Treatment oils as well as Rejuvenating Body Treatment Butter by beauty specialist Soledad straight from sunny Spain, click here 3. Review of our fantastic body butters and facial oils by Maria, beauty specialist from Spain, click here
April 2014
1. Kris d’Amour soothing skin care products featured in SoukSouk beauty box, what skin care specialists think about our products? find out here 2. Fantastic review from Spain, Kris d’Amour Personalised Perfume, created to fit your unique personality, blend for HIM and for HER, click here
March 2014
1. Review straight from sunny Madrid, Regenerative Body Oil, Skin Repair Facial Treatment Oil and Skin Repair Body Butter, Fragrance free range for very sensitive skin, click here
February 2014
1. Another fantastic review of my favourite product: Soothing Body Oil with Calming Effect, its not just an ordinary body oil, its magical body serum, review by Louise, click here
January 2014
1. Soothing Body Treatment Butter, fantastic review from Kinder Health & Beauty by Louise, click here 2. “Top scientist sets up shop in Tingley” The story behind Kris d’Amour products, click here 3. Skin Repair Body Treatment Butter, Skin Repair Facial Treatment Oil, Regenerative Body Oil, Fragrance free products, review by Imma Leon, click here  
December 2013
1. Intensive Soothing skin care range placed in the top 10 beauty products of 2013! Click here 2. Wow, what a amazing review from Kinder Health & Beauty for the fantastic, unique and 100% effective product, Intensive Soothing Face Oil, treat your dry skin prone to eczema with 100% success, click here 3. Louise, The Beauty specialist and fantastic writer said about Kris d’Amour “it’s the best beauty discovery of 2013″ !!! To read very interesting interview with Kris D’Amour himself, click here 4. Soothing Body Treatment Butter, review from berry’s beauty by Shubana, click here 5. Headache Relief Room and Linen Spray and some skin care products, review from Sugarpuffish by Sarah, click here 6. Soothing Body Oil and Rejuvenating Body Treatment Butter, review from Amber’s Beauty Talk by Amber, click here 7. Soothing Facial Treatment Oil, featured as a favourite skin care product for face eczema by Louise from Kinder Health & Beauty, click here 8. Skin Repair Treatment Body Butter and Anti-Insomnia Fragrance Oil, tested and reviewed by Lourdes, beauty specialist from Spain, click here  
November 2013
1. Our products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Soothing Body Treatment Butter review by Maggie from, click here 2. Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Oil, fantastic review from berry’s beauty by Shubana, click here 3. Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Oil and Rejuvenating Body Treatment Oil, brilliant review from Beauty Balm by Sandra, click here 4. Skin Repair Body Treatment Butter, exceptional review from Ana goes green by Ana, click here
Kris d’Amour natural skin care products already helped many people in treating their skin problems. We are always interested to hear what our customers think about our products. If you have any comments or would like to share with us the experience with Kris d’Amour natural products please e-mail us on Please take a look at some of our customers honest opinions. Vicky, Holmfirth I’ve had spot prone, extremely sensitive skin for a long time and frequently had breakouts, often requiring topical antibiotics. However, since discovering Kris d’Amour’s skin repair facial oil, which I apply every night, I’ve said goodbye to antibiotics and moisturisers and now my skin is almost blemish free. I also previously used a very popular high street brand (yes, the one which has a strong aroma when you walk past the door!), as I thought I was treating my skin to the best, purest ingredients, but now I realise this isn’t the case and many brands conceal nasty chemicals behind a cleverly marketed facade. I LOVE Kris d’amour’s products, they go on a dream, are a fantastic make up base and most importantly, give you peace of mind that you’re treating your skin to the finest, natural ingredients, which Mother Nature intended. Jaina, Essex Thank you for my order last week which also contained my selected samples. I tried the Face Balancing Oil on a few breakouts which I had on my face and the results were amazing. I dabbed a little on my spots (not sure if you can apply it this way!) before I went to bed and in the morning the results were noticeable. The breakouts did not look as bad as they did the night before and the oil formula certainly did not irritate the condition. A fantastic product which is very effective. I will definitely be buying a full size bottle once this one has finished.   Marjorie, Leeds Yesterday, I tried the skin repair body butter on my forearms and elbows to compare with the top of my arms that did not receive any moisturiser. Not only, was my skin instantaneously softer and smoother but in the morning, it was still well hydrated and even after the shower (which usually make ma skin dry), my forearms and elbows were better hydrated than the top of my arms that had not had any body butter. I also tried the skin repair face oil, 2 drops with moisturiser before bed, it felt really nice and my skin looked much better in the morning too. This morning I tried the Rejuvenating Body Butter on all my arms and it feels great. I have also tried two drops of the Rejuvenating face oil with my moisturiser before putting my make up on and it feels great, smells very nice and subtle and even after having walked in the wind this morning, my skin does not feel dry. So overall I am absolutely loving it all! Tried my Detoxifying Body Oil yesterday and this morning and I loooovvve it! My arms are so much better already! You are an magician!!! ;) xx   Louise, Stourbridge You are completely right about eczema and your amazing Intensive Soothing Treatment oil, for the first time EVER my eczema on my face has completely disappeared! I really want to thank you a lot Kris, because although it was only a tiny little eczema of patches next to my nose, and around my lip area, it was on my face and as a female it didn’t do much for my confidence and I have tried in vain for years to find a cure. Some natural products came close or were a temporary few hours solution, but your product has completely made it disappear! :-) So many thanks once again, I really do appreciate you sending me these products. Sarah, Leeds I have tried other body butters before and have very dry skin on my legs, nothing has ever helped to prevent this…until I started using this rejuvenating body butter. It is totally amazing and just melts into your skin as it is gently smoothed in. I also have issues with skin irritation with many skin products but this causes none whatsoever…I Sarah, Leeds I have used Clarins face oil previously but now I’ve tried the Kris’s Rejuvenating face oil I am totally converted. Kris ‘s oil contains so many more rejuvenating essential oils and I feel has made a real difference to my complexion. It is absorbed into the skin without leaving any greasiness and smells gorgeous. The quality of the ingredients in t LeeLoo, Leeds I use the this oil after shower and bath and it feels great! skin hydrated and smooth! Also very good for blood circulation as I have problems especially after a long day at work or even a day of shopping :) I highly recommend this product!   Patricia, Leeds It has fantastic scent and lovely texture, it doesn’t feel greasy, absorb into skin very fast, leaving skin feeling and smelling so lovely. I personally love to use the soothing oil after shower or bath, especially in the winter time. I fully recommend this products, especially if you have problems with dry skin, works magic on my dry legs. My skin To read more fantastic reviews go to REVIEWS section!