Face and Body Balms
Face and Body Balms
Symptoms/Skin Concerns Recommended Products Effects, How it Works?
AGEING/ Pre-Ageing skin on the BODY, SAGGING, DRY AND DEHYDRATED skin. Rejuvenating Face and Body Balm Contain Eczema Defense Complex:
– Nourish, protect and revitalize
– Stimulate skin to repair
– Antioxidant effect
– Boost collagen production
– Visibly reduce wrinkles
Very sensitive skin on BODY, prone to ALLERGIES, ECZEMA, IRRITATION, dry, itchy, red, inflamed patches Skin Repair Face and Body Balm, Fragrance Free Contain Sensitive Skin Defense Complex:
– Repair and Protect
– Lock Moisture, Nourish and Soothe
– Anti-inflammatory and Bacteriostatic Effect
Very Dry, Irritated, Itchy, Flaky patches occurring on BODY, typical symptoms for body ECZEMA Soothing Face and Body Balm Contain Eczema Defense Complex:
– Lock moisture
– Soothes, Nourishes
– Protects dry, eczema prone skin
– Anti-inflammatory and Bacteriostatic Effect

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