Facial Treatment Serums
Facial Treatment Serums
Symptoms/Skin Concerns Recommended Products Effects, How it Works?
Oily to combination skin on the FACE, prone to ACNE, BLEMISHES, BLOCKED PORES, skin inflammation Balancing Treatment Serum Contain Acne and Blemishes Defense Complex:
– Clear blocked pores
– Removes impurities and toxins
– Anti-inflammatory and Bacteriostatic
– Balance natural oil (sebum) production
Dry, Flaky, Red, Itchy, Inflamed patches on FACE, typical symptoms for ECZEMA occurring on face Intensive Soothing Facial Treatment Serum Contain Eczema Defense Complex:
– Lock and retain moisture
– Nourishes, Soothes
– Repair and Protect dry skin prone to eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
– Anti-inflammatory and Bacteriostatic
Very sensitive skin on FACE, prone to ALLERGIES, ECZEMA, IRRITATION, dry, itchy, inflamed patches Skin Repair Treatment Serum, Fragrance Free Contain Eczema Defense Complex:
– Repair and Protect
– Lock Moisture, Nourish and Soothe
– Anti-inflammatory and Bacteriostatic Effect
AGEING/ Pre-Ageing skin on the FACE, WRINKLES, SAGGING, PIGMENTATION, DRY AND DEHYDRATED complexion. Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Serum Contain Age Defense Complex:
– Nourishes, soothe and protect
– Stimulate skin to repair
– Boost collagen production
– Anti-oxidant effect
– Visibly reduce winkles in short time

Treat your skin with Kris d’Amour 100% Natural Face Oils, formulated with the very best 100% natural, luxurious and pure plant extracts.

Whether skin is oily, dry, sensitive or prone to any kind of problems, the face treatment oil collection has a tailored product for you, specially designed to work incredibly effective with your skin type.

What makes Kris d’Amour 100% Natural Facial Treatment Oils so special?They contain only 100% pure plant extracts and essential oils packed with many therapeutic active compounds. Each product is super saturated with carefully selected, and only the most effective ingredients to target the specific requirements of the particular skin type and skin condition.

Our face oils/serums don’t contain artificial fragrances, preservatives and colorants.

Why use Kris d’Amour 100% Natural Facial Treatment Oil?

The majority of the skin care products contain many synthetic or even natural ingredients which don’t bring any positive or very little effect to the skin, for example : waxes, colorants, preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers. Kris d’Amour facial treatment oils contain only carefully selected pure and active plant extracts, which don’t block the pores, but intensively balance and nourish skin, stimulating it to regenerate and repair.

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