Pre-ageing/Mature Skin
Pre-Ageing/Mature Skin
Symptoms/Skin Concerns Recommended Products Effects, How it Works?
AGEING/ Pre-Ageing skin on the FACE, WRINKLES, SAGGING, PIGMENTATION, DRY AND DEHYDRATED complexion Step 1 Deep Nourishing Cleansing Balm
Step 2 Rejuvenating Face Moisturiser
Step 3 Rejuvenating Treatment Serum
Contain Age Defence Complex:
– Nourishes, soothes and protect
– Stimulate skin to repair
– Boost collagen production
– Anti-oxidant effect
– Visibly reduce wrinkles in short time
AGEING/ Pre-Ageing skin on the BODY, SAGGING, DRY AND DEHYDRATED skin. Step 1 Rejuvenating Body Oil
Step 2 Rejuvenating Face and Body Balm
Contain Age Defence Complex:
– Nourish, protect and revitalize
– Stimulate skin to repair
– Antioxidant effect
– Boost collagen production
– Visibly reduce wrinkles
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