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Great opportunity to become Kris d’Amour AMBASSADOR! This offer is so unique it can’t be missed!

By representing our natural & organic brand you can start making great money and enjoy using save & effective products straight away. It is a very simple and genuine process, you have to just follow few simple steps. And it doesn’t involve any upfront costs, unlike in the case of other existing brands!

1. Learn about our products and brand first! You have to get to know these fantastic products first, this way you can start talking about them to your friends, family members and everybody else really. We will e-mail you a file with all the necessary information and send you sample pack with all Kris d’Amour products (completely free of charge for first 25 ambassadors).

2. Every ambassador will be provided with 2 unique discount codes: 10% and 50% (example: Smith10 and Smith50).


3. Now the job is very simple, you have to start talking about Kris d’Amour products and provide people with the 10% code, because every order placed online with your unique 10% discount code make you money. You will simply make 20% of every order placed online with your unique 10% discount code! (example: if somebody place order with total goods value of £50 with your code, this give you £10 pure earnings!). You can use facebook, twitter, instagram, e-mail or any other ways of communication to start spreading word about Kris d’Amour and distributing your unique 10% discount code. Remember, more orders placed online with your unique code, more you earn for yourself!

4. Your second code with 50% discount is created for your own use, so you can start selling Kris d’Amour products in your shop, beauty salon or even by organising house parties. In this case you can make up to 50% on every product!

Use your imagination and start making fantastic money right now!

If you think about joining our team and becoming next Kris d’Amour great Ambassador please contact us by e-mail or call us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to discuss this great opportunity in more details.

mobile: 07871584736

land line: 0113 345 8755